Creating Templates

Here are 4 easy steps to create a program template:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Go to the  Account Settings page.
  3. Click on  Program Templates. 
  4. Add Program Template in the upper right corner. The template builder will open.

There are three tabs in the program template builder: Program, Resources, and Settings.

Under Program you can add engagement elements including Sessions, Forms, Files,  Tasks, and Links. You can add coach and coachee as attendees or recipients in advance, and customize program item notifications the notification bell in the upper right corner of each program item.

The Resources panel allows you to upload files specific to the template.

The template Settings panel is where you can attach a Theme Library, store admin files, rename or delete the template.

If you create an engagement from a template and make changes to the engagement, no changes will be made to the template. Similarly if you make changes to a template, the changes will not be reflected in active engagements utilizing the template.

To learn about engagements click here.


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