Invite Your Clients to Connect

If you are a Company account that sells Coaching Services (Vendor) adding a Client is a very easy process.

  • From your Clients page click Add Client.
  • Select the type of client: Admins can Directly Contracted Coachees or Client sponsored Coachees



To learn more about configuring your settings to sells coaching click here.


Invite Company's Coachees

If you want to invite a Directly Contracted Coachee you may also do so from the Clients page.

Directly Contracted Coachees

If you want to request a Directly Contracted Coachee, first invite or connect to an Individual Client. 

  • From your Clients page click Add Client.
  • Click Individual Client and fill out their email and information.
  • Click Invite.

Client Sponsored Coachees

If you want to request a Client Sponsored Coachee, first create or connect to a Client Company. Then send a request to their Coachees.

  • Click on a Company from your Clients page and click the Coachees tab.
  • Click Request Coachee and select the Employee you want to coach.
  • If the Client Company is active the Coachees will be automatically shared.

You have the option to send an invitation or immediately create an internal record of the Client.

  • If you don't want to send the invitation now, send it later from the Client's Profile page.




Share Coaches with Your Client Companies

When the Client Company is connected a Coaches tab appears. 

This is where the Vendor can share Coaches with the Client, so either Admin can create an Engagement.

  • From your Clients page click on the connected Client Company.
  • From the Coaches tab click on Share Coach.
  • Select the Coaches you want to share and click Ok.

The Client Point of Contact will receive a notification that you have shared a Coach with them via email and in the app.


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