Engagements are the events that occur between a Coachee, Coach, and Admins. Engagements can be made by hand or can have a template applied to them for easy re-use. 

Engagements are made up of Sessions, Forms, Files, Tasks, and Links. Each come with customizable options to make your coaching experience unique and specific to each type of Coachee. You also have the option to set Goals and write Notes that are private until you share them.

Creating an Engagement

Here are 6 steps to create an engagement:

1. Log into your account at app.coachlogix.com.

2. Click on Engagements.

3. Click on Create

4. Follow the steps in the wizard by selecting a coachee, a coach, an optional program template, and an optional contract.

If an Admin wishes to share a Coach Pool, it can be done here during coach selection.

5. Once you have created the engagement and are satisfied with your engagement program and settings click Start Engagement.

6. Now that the engagement is active Admins and Coaches can start sending and completing program items.

Helpful Tip: When you are on the engagement list page you have the option click on the settings gear so you can customize the columns based off of the criteria you find most relative. 


Creating an Engagement from Coach Matching Process

If you aren't already familiar with Managing Coach Matching please read this article. 

Admins can create Coach Pools that will begin a coach matching process between coaches and coachees. This process includes the following settings: 

  1. Welcome Message Settings: Include a welcome message that the Coachees will see when selecting a coach.
  2. Matching Interview Requirements: Coachees can schedule interviews or they can select their coach immediately.
  3. Interview Approval Requirements: Coachees can message coach and schedule interviews without approval.
  4. Maximum Interview Requests: Set a limit to the number of matching interviews coachees can schedule.
  5. Interview Details: Customize the matching interview.
  6. Start Engagement Settings: Set whether Coachees need final admin approval after they select their coach.
  7. Default Program Template Settings: Set a Program template that will be used in the engagement. 

Here are 4 easy steps to Start an Engagement from coach a pool:

  1. Click on Engagements.
  2. Create a new engagement.
  3. In the engagement creator select Add Coach From Pool.
  4. Select the pool.

Helpful tip: Sessions will ONLY appear to the attendees they are assigned to.
Pro tip: Files, Forms, and Tasks can ONLY be viewed if recipients are assigned and the items are sent to them. 

A recipient or an attendee can be added by clicking the plus sign within the program item. Be sure to click send when all recipients/attendees are chosen. 

Users will then receive an email and in app notification.

Helpful tip: Users can control which engagement notifications they wish to receive in their My Settings under the profile image at the top right of the page.

Pro tip: Don't forget to complete items by clicking the Check Mark within each sent program item to generate accurate Engagement Reports.

To learn about managing program items click here.

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