Theme Libraries 

CoachLogix comes with a default Theme Library which can be found in your Resources page. You also have the option to create custom Theme Libraries. Choose from the default CoachLogix Themes or customize a new one.

Choosing Themes

Creating a Theme Library can give your Coaches and Coachees an idea of what kind of Themes they can tag to their Goals. 

  • From your Resources page click Add Resource
  • Select Theme Library.
  • From inside the Theme Library editor click Add Themes to select the default Themes.


Editing Themes

When you select the default Themes, you also have the option to edit those Themes.

  • From inside the Add Theme dialog click on the pencil icon next to the Theme you wish to edit. 
  • You may edit the Theme's Description and click Save.


Customizing Your Theme Libraries

You may customize your own library to keep Engagement Participants on track. You may add your own personal themes to your library if you choose not to use the defaults.

  • From inside the new Theme Library you created click on Add Theme.
  • Select Create New Theme.
  • Give your new Theme a Name and Description and click Save.

Once the Theme Library is created, it can be added to an Engagement.


Add Themes to Goals

Once the Theme Library is added to the engagement it can be attached to Goals.

  • From the Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.
  • Click on the Goals tab and select Add Goal.
  • Click on the Tag icon and select Themes to add to your Goal.

To learn more about Goals click here.


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