Internal Roles

Global Admin - An Admin that has access to all features within the platform across their entire account and company. 

Location Admin - An Admin who has access to features related to their specific location. They cannot access engagements or data outside of their location. 

Internal Coach - A Coach who works directly for a Corporate Company.

Internal Coachee / Company Member - An Employee of a Corporate Company.

Engagement Editor - An admin can set an employee as an Engagement Editor within the settings of an engagement. An Editor has permission to edit the program items within that specific engagement.

Engagement Viewer - An Engagement Viewer has permission to view and comment on engagements.


How to Add Employees and Assign User Roles

Admins can add employees to the accounts under the Company Settings tab:

  1. Corporate Company Admins will see an Employees tab to add users.
  2. Vendor Admins will see an Employees tab in the same place.
  3. Independent Coaches will go to their Account Settings and click on the Admins tab.


Adding Employees and Admins

Click on the Employees or Admins tab.

Pro Tip: Enterprise Admins have an Employees page they can access from the left navigation menu.


Add New Company Members (Admins, Coaches, or Coachees)

Admins can add new Coaches to their company account from the Coaches by clicking on Company Settings.  

Add an Employee by clicking on Company Settings and the Employee tab. Admins can add Employee information and send an invitation now or later.

Assign User Roles

Click the more options menu (three vertical dots) on the far right of the table to add user roles like Global Admin, Location Admin, or Coach.

Helpful Tip: Admins don't need to assign additional user roles to Internal Coachees; Add them to the Company Account as Employees to assign them to engagements.


Add Engagement Viewers and Engagement Editors

Give users permission to view or edit certain engagements from the engagement settings tab by clicking Add Viewer.

In the Engagement Editors panel Admins can click Add Editor to select a connected user to edit the engagement. 


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