Locating Branding Settings

Here are 4 easy steps to locate your branding settings:

  1. Log into the app at app.coachlogix.com. 
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Click on Branding
  4. There are four categories to choose from: Brand Colors, Square Logo, Full Logo, and Email Notifications.


Choosing Brand Colors

Within the Brand Colors panel there are options to set a Primary Color, a Secondary Color, and the option to make the Side Navbar White


Choosing a Square Logo

Upload a Square Logo that will be used to show your Company's branding across the app.  

Choosing a Full Logo

You can choose to upload a full-length version of your logo so that it gets added to forms, emails and other places. If you do not upload a wide logo, we will use your square logo. 

Pro Tip: Full logos are available to Business Pro accounts only, which can be subscribed to here


Choosing Email Notifications

Once you have set your colors and logos you can you can choose a signature and add your social media links that will appear in the emails with your branding. 

Helpful Tip: Branded Email Notifications are available for Business Pro accounts only, which can be subscribed to here


To learn more about Subscriptions click here.

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