If your coach has shared their availability you will be allowed to schedule your sessions. When your admin activates your engagement you will be able to schedule the sessions that appear in your program item list.


Scheduling a Session 

When you schedule a session you will see a popup appear with the available times in green and the unavailable times in grey.

  • From your Engagement select the Session you want to schedule.
  • Click on the Calendar icon.
  • Choose the Date and Time and click Schedule.

Please Note: Confirmation emails will be sent to all session attendees. A calendar invite will also be sent if the coach's calendar is synced.


Rescheduling a Session

In the event that a session needs to be rescheduled coaches and coachees have the option to schedule a different time and date for the session.

  • From inside your Engagement open the Session you want to change.
  • Click Reschedule in the blue banner to reschedule it and notify the participants.
  • Set a new date and time and click Schedule.


For more information read our article about Completing Sessions.

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