Companies that sell coaching services have the option to bill their clients using CoachLogix Invoicing. Admins can integrate their Stipe accounts with Coachlogix or use alternative methods of payment which can be recorded within the app.

Here are 5 easy steps to create a new invoice:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Open the left navigation menu and go to your Invoices page.
  3. Click CREATE in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the engagement you wish to invoice. Invoices tied to contracts will autofill with line items, or you can manually enter completed sessions and line items. 
  5. Review and when the invoice is ready, click SEND. If Stripe is connected to your account, a checkbox will ask if you'd like to collect payment via Stripe. Clients will receive an email with the invoice attached and a link to make payment via Stripe (no CoachLogix or Stripe account required to make payments).

Helpful tip: You'll find a quick link to create invoices from each engagement settings panel:


Advanced: Invoice Settings

Go to Account Settings and click the Invoicing and Payments tab to configure your invoice settings: 


About Invoice Statuses

The invoice will be in a draft state while editing. Once the invoice is sent, it will appear due until the due date. Invoices that are past due will have a status of late. When payment is made via Stripe, the invoice status will automatically change to paid

Helpful tip: If payment is made outside CoachLogix (via cash, check, bank transfer, etc) click the ADD PAYMENT button to document the payment and to mark the invoice as paid.
To learn more about contract templates click here.

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