CoachLogix offers an informative reporting system so that Admins can best use the information generated by Coaches, Coachees, and data generated within engagements.

There are currently 7 reports available with customizable columns and sorting features.  We have new reports and some advanced in-app features coming soon. 

  1. Engagements Report 
  2. Sessions Report 
  3. Coach Report 
  4. Coachee Report 
  5. Goals Report 
  6. Open Tasks 
  7. Form Submissions 
  8. Theme Progress Report (Coming Soon) 
  9. Financial Reports (Coming Soon)

You can customize the columns for each report, select the data range of the engagements you would like to include, and then click load report

You have the option to download each report as a PDF, CSV, or XLSX.

Admins can view reports from the Reports tab in the main navigation. These report results can be a combination of the following: Engagements, Coaches, Coachees, Goals, and Forms in your account. 

Individual results for Engagements can be downloaded within the engagement:

  1. Log into the app at
  2. Click on the Engagements tab
  3. Choose your desired Engagement
  4. Click the download arrow in the right hand corner

Individual AND aggregate form summaries can be viewed from the Resources page. 

You can also view form results per engagement.

You can also view form results per engagement.

To learn about individual engagement reports click here.

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