CoachLogix offers an informative reporting system so you can best use the information generated by coaches, coachees, and data generated within engagements.


What Reports Can You See?

There are currently 7 reports available with customizable columns and sorting features.  We have new reports and some advanced in-app features coming soon

  • Engagements Report 
  • Sessions Report 
  • Coach Report 
  • Coachee Report 
  • Goals Report 
  • Open Tasks 
  • Form Submissions 
  • Theme Progress Report (Coming Soon
  • Financial Reports (Coming Soon)

You have the options to view, customize, and download account reporting from your reports page in your account. 

  • You can customize the columns for each Report by clicking on the Gear icon and selecting which columns you want to show.
  • You may select the Report type from the dropdown menu, set a date range of your Engagements, and click load Report
  • Click the download icon to download a report.

You also have the option to download each report as a PDF, CSV, or XLSX.

Admins can view reports from the reports tab in the main navigation. These report results can be a combination of the following: engagements, coaches, coachees, goals, and forms in the company account.


Engagement Reports

Individual reports for engagements can be downloaded within the engagement.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement that has completed Program Items.
  • Click the Download icon to download a summary of the Engagement.

Individual AND aggregate form summaries can be viewed from the resources page. 

  • Admins can view Form results per Engagement by clicking on the eyeball icon.




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