Inactive clients tracked as Internal Records (as opposed to active clients that log in to their CoachLogix portals) can only receive certain notifications that admins or coaches intentionally send from an engagement:

  1. Session scheduled
  2. Session rescheduled 
  3. Forms and surveys
  4. Goal feedback request
  5. Invoices
  6. Invitations to create accounts

Session attendees and program Item recipients must be added in advance and program Items must be sent manually or scheduled in advance. All program Item notifications can be customized and previewed via the bell icon in the upper right corner.


Session Scheduled Notification

Click the calendar icon to schedule the session and send the notification (an ICS file will be included). Admins can add anyone as a session attendee with just their email address. A calendar invite will also be sent if the coach's calendar is synced. 

For more information read our article about Scheduling Sessions.


Session Rescheduled Notification

Click RESCHEDULE in the blue banner to reschedule the session and send notifications.



Request to Fill Out Form

Forms can be sent manually, or they can be scheduled to send automatically after the prior program item is completed. You can send the form to anyone with just their email address. Click the airplane icon to send the form.

For more information read our article about Responding to Forms.


Goal Feedback Request

Goal feedback can be requested from anyone with just an email address. Add stakeholders and then click REQUEST FEEDBACK.

Stakeholders will receive an email notification with a link to provide a rating and feedback.

Stakeholders will only see the high level goal name and description.

For more information read our article about Requesting Feedback.



Invoices will be attached as PDF's to invoice email notifications sent from CoachLogix. You can download or mark as paid with the more options menu in the upper right corner.

If credit card payment is requested via Stripe, a payment link will be included in the email notification.

For more information read our article about Invoices.


Invitation to Create Account

You can optionally send coachees invitations to create an account and log into their client portal. 

After the invitation is sent, your client will receive an email with a link to create a password.

If coachees log in, they can only see their engagement (program, goals, notes, and resources tabs).

For more information read our article about Getting Started.

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