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Have you added Coaches to your account? Read this article to learn more about Adding and Managing Coaches.

Setting Up for Coach Pools

The Global Pool Settings apply to all pools and the Coach Matching process. Inside the Coach Pool Settings Admins can manage the way the pools work.

Coach Matching Settings Available

  • Welcome Message Settings - Include a welcome message that the Coachees will see when selecting a Coach.
  • Matching Interview Requirements - Coachees can schedule interviews or they can select their Coach immediately.
  • Interview Approval Requirements - Coachees can message Coach and schedule interviews without approval.
  • Maximum Interview Requests - Set a limit to the number of Matching Interviews Coachees can schedule.
  • Interview Details - Customize the Matching Interview Description.
  • Start Engagement Settings - Set whether Coachees need final Admin approval after they select their Coach.
  • Default Program Template Settings - Set a Program Template that will be used in the Engagement. 
  • From the Company Setting page click on Coach Matching Settings.
  • Select whether there needs to be an Admin approval for Interview selections, starting Engagements automatically, and if there is a Program Template you wish to use in each Matching Engagement.
  • Click Save.

Helpful Tip: If you choose to have individual settings per Engagement you can set them in the Engagement Settings tab.
Pro tip
: Create Program Templates for Engagements and Pool Settings ahead of time. 


Learn about creating Program Templates here


Creating a Coach Pool

  • From the Coaches page select the Coaches you want in your Pool and click Create Pool.
  • Give the Pool a Name and Description then click Save.

Click on the Settings tab inside the pool to change the Name and Description of the Pool



To learn more about adding Employees click here.


Share a Pool with a Coachee

  • From the Coaches tab open up a Pool
  • In the Coachees tab click Add New Coachee.
  • Select a Coachee and click Add Coachee.

Click on the checkbox next to the Coachee's name to start the Matching Process directly from the Pool.



Coach Matching Process

Helpful tip: Coaches must have their calendars synced, schedules set, and availability turned on in order to match with Coachees.

  • From the Engagements page click Add Engagement.
  • In the Engagement creator select Share coach pools.
  • Select the pool.

The matching process will now begin. 


Interview and Select Your Coach

  • From the Engagements page select the Engagement that says Matching Started.
  • Select a coach and click Request Interview.

Helpful tip: If your Admin has turned on their Approval Settings you may be required to wait for your Admin to approve the interview before your can schedule it.

  • Select a date and time to Interview with the Coach.
  • After the interview click Select Coach.
  • Admins must approve the selection depending on the Pool Settings they have set.

Helpful tip: If the Admin has turned on their approval settings users may be required to wait for their Admin to approve the selection before the Engagement will be able to start

Pro tip: Admins can turn on Automatic Start under Account Settings >  Global Engagement Pool Settings > click Start Engagements Automatically.


To learn more about creating an Engagement click here.

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