Coaches and Companies are often interested in tracking the following Metrics. These metrics fall broadly into 3 categories: 

  1. Utilization
  2. Impact
  3. Financials

What Metrics Track


  • Number of sessions and hours completed, cancelled and remaining within any given timeframe (the quarter, the year) by location, department, leader level, employee, coach, vendor, etc.
  • Number of active, in-progress and completed engagements by year, department, individual, coach, vendor, etc.
  • Number of active vs inactive coaches at any given time.
  • Compare coaching programs/packages/themes utilized by location, department, other employee demographics.


  • Track goal progress based on milestones/achievements.
  • Compare coaching themes across different locations, depts, coaches, employee demographics, etc.
  • Collect stakeholder ratings and feedback on goal progress from coach, coachee and/or stakeholders (HRBP's, managers or supervisors).
  • Track theme progress/improvement based on stakeholder ratings.
  • Everything else can be tracked with custom surveys and forms.


  • Coaching spend: Amount paid, due, and projected for the quarter, year, department, individual, coach, vendor, etc.
  • Budget report coming soon
  • ROI calculator coming soon

Click here to learn how to view and download reports.  Our reporting system makes it so that Admins can best use the information generated by Coaches, Coachees, and data generated within engagements. 

To view a webinar about what Admins can track click here.

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