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Have you added Sessions to an Engagement? Read this article about Adding Program Items to your Engagement.


Adding a Meeting Location

Inside of your Coaching Sessions you can set the Meeting Location for your Attendees. You may add a one-time-use location or add it to your Saved Locations.

There are 4 types of Meeting Locations. You can set an Address, URL, Phone Number, or use the mobile In-App-Video feature.

  • From your Engagement select a Session.
  • Under Session Details, click on Location and then Add New.
  • Set the Meeting Location that fits your Session.
  • Optionally Save for Later and then click Save.


Selecting In-App Video as the Default Meeting Location

If you wish to use the mobile In-App-Video option, you can enable that feature from your desktop.

  • From your Company Settings page click on the Program Templates tab.
  • Select a template or create a new one.
  • Click on the Template Settings tab on the right.
  • Select In-App Video and click Save.




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