Adding a Meeting Location

There are 4 different types of meeting locations:

  1. Setting a meeting location in person with an Address.
  2. Setting a URL link for a video conference. 
  3. Setting a Phone Number to speak over the phone.
  4. Using the In-App Video option.


Adding a Meeting Location

Here are 7 steps to adding a meeting location to a session:

  1. Log into the app at
  2. Choose your desired engagement.
  3. Choose your desired coaching session.
  4. Under Session Details, click on Location.
  5. Click the Add New tab, 
  6. You can then set an Address, URL, Phone Number, or In-App Meeting Location as the location of the session.
  7. Click Save and/or Save for Later.


Selecting In-App Video as the Default Meeting Location

Here are 6 steps to adding a default In-App Video location:

  1. Click on Company Settings.
  2. Select Program Templates.
  3. Select a template or create a new one.
  4. Click on the Template Settings tab on the right.
  5. Select In-App Video and click Save.

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