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Have you added Sessions to an Engagement? Read this article about Adding Program Items to your Engagement.


Session Details

You and your Coaches can add details about coaching meetings to individual Engagement Sessions. The more details you add to a Session, the more prepared the Attendees will be before the Session.

Session Detail Items

  • Session Location - Add an Address, video URL, or a Phone Number. 
  • Session Duration - Add the length of the Session in minutes or hours.
  • Attendees - Add the Session Attendees.
  • Action Items - Add actions to be accomplished regarding the Session.
  • Comments - All Engagement Participants can add comments to Sessions.

To learn more about adding Sessions to Programs click here.

Add Details to Your Session

When you are ready, add details to your Session so that the Attendees have the information they need before the scheduled date.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.
  • Choose a Session and add a Description, a Location, a Meeting time, the Attendees, Action Items, and Comments.


To learn more about completing Sessions click here.

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