Before You Start

Have you added Coaches to your account? Read this article about sending invites to users to learn more.

Adding a Coach or changing Coach availability will either allow Clients to match with Coaches and view their profile in the matching process.  

To learn more about Coach Matching click here.


Making Employees Coaches

Coaches can either be Available or At Capacity.

Admins can change internal Coach's profile information by editing the user's profile page. If an employee is a Coach the Admin can set their account to accept coaching.

  • From your Company Settings page click on Employees.
  • Select an Employee and scroll down to Account Roles.
  • Click the checkboxes to make the user a Coach and/or Available/At Capacity for scheduling Sessions.



Setting Your Own Availability

Your and your Coaches can change your availability by editing your personal profile page. In order for your Coachees to be able to schedule with you make sure to sync a calendar in your Personal Settings.

To learn about syncing and managing your schedule click here.

  • If your Calendar is synced and you are set as a Coach click on My Profile.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the pencil in Coach Availability
  • Your availability should change to Accepting Clients.



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