Activate Your Account

Log in to CoachLogix to send your Coach Messages, schedule Sessions, access Resources, track Goal progress, and make Payments.

When an invite has been sent, users will receive an email with an activation link. 

  • Click the link to create a password.
  • Once the password is set log in with the same email and password to activate the account.

Helpful tip: Remember to log into the app with the email address it was registered with.



Interview and Select Your Coach

  • From the Engagements page select the Engagement that says Matching Started.
  • Select a coach and click Request Interview.

Helpful tip: If your Admin has turned on their Approval Settings you may be required to wait for your Admin to approve the Interview before your can schedule it.

  • Select a date and time to Interview with the Coach.
  • After the interview click Select Coach.
  • Admins must approve the selection depending on the Pool Settings they have set.

NOTE: Your Engagement will either start automatically or a selection request will be sent to your Admin, depending on their settings.



Messaging and Support

Chat During the Matching Process

Send messages to your Admin or Coach from the the Matching page.

  • Click on the Message icon next to the Request Interview link to send a chat to a Coach during the selection process.

Helpful Tip: You may request to schedule an interview with your Coach from the chat window if the Coach has not shared their schedule in their Calendar Settings.

Chat from the Messaging Center

  • Click on the Chat icon and then Open Messaging Center.
  • Click New Message and then select the person or people you would like to chat with.
  • If you are sending a group chat you can give the chat a title and a description.
  • Type in your message and click the Send icon.

Users will be notified via their email and app that you sent them a message.




If you need more help check out our Support Portal to read articles about how to use the app.



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