Available for download for iOS and Android devices.

The CoachLogix App is NOW available to download from the App Store.
Android, Coming Soon.

Navigation Dashboard

Coachees are able to see tabs for Sessions and Tasks



Coachees can see their active engagements in the engagements tab. Within each engagement the coachee can view their program items, goals, notes, and resources that have been shared with them. 

Coaching sessions include the following actions that a coachee can manage: 

  • Schedule Session
  • Reschedule Session
  • Late Cancel
  • Complete Session
  • Set Session Location
  • Add Action Items
  • Add Comments

You can find more detail about these items here. (link)



Coachees can send messages back and forth to their coach.  Their coach will receive a notification and can reply instantly. A coachee can attach an image or video using the attachment icon shown below. 



The settings page includes My Profile, Notifications, Help, Contact Support, and Logout.

Coachee Actions

Coachees can mark tasks complete, schedule sessions if coach calendar is shared, start video sessions, add comments, create notes, send messages, access and share files and engagement resources, respond to surveys and forms.

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