Admins can create coach pools that will begin a coach matching process between coaches and coachees. Pools can include your internal coaches, external shared coaches, and independent coaches.


Create a Pool

  • From the Coaches Page select the Coaches you want to put in a Pool.
  • To select a Coach click on the checkbox next to their name.
  • Click Create Pool
  • Name the Pool, add a Description, and click Save.

You may alternatively create a pool by clicking Create Pool on the right under the coach pools panel.

  • Name the Pool and add a Description.
  • Click on the Coaches tab to add Coaches to the Pool.
  • Click Save.



Start the Matching Process

To start the matching process for groups or cohorts of coaches, add coachees to your pool.

  • From inside the Coaches page click on a pool or create a new one.
  • Click Add Coachee to add a Coachee to the Pool.
  • Select your Coachee and click Start Matching Process.

You may alternatively start the matching process from the engagements page.

  • From the Engagements Page click Create Engagement.
  • Select Share Coach Pools.
  • Follow the rest of the wizard to create the Engagement and click Start Matching.



For more information read our article about Coach Matching.


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