When your employees, coaches, or stakeholders fill out a form you can download the results from multiple places. You can find form responses within active and completed engagements, from the resources page, and from the reports page.


Before You Start

Have you sent forms to your users to collect responses? Read this article about creating and sending forms to your users.

Download Responses From Your Engagements

  • From the Engagements page choose an Engagement that has Form responses.
  • Select the Form with the responses.
  • Click on the Eyeball icon to view the Responses.
  • When the window pops up click Download Responses as a CSV File



Download Responses from Your Resources

  • Select a Form with responses from your Resources page.
  • Click Responses.
  • Click on the Download icon.



Download Responses from Your Reports Page

  • From your Reports page select Form Submissions from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Download icon.



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