Forms are surveys that users can fill out that allow Admins to collect data on the participants of their engagements. Forms can be set to public or private. This allows for the Admin to choose which form results are visible to all engagement participants.


Sending a Form

After creating a form, you can then send the form to the selected participant from the engagement.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.
  • Next click on Add Item and select Form. From the window select a Form to add to your Program.
  • You can Name the Form, add a Description, and add Recipients. When you are ready click the Airplane to send.

Fill out a Form

When your coach or admin is ready they will send the form to you. You will be notified via app and email to respond to the form.

  • If the Coach or Admin have sent the Form, it can be answered by clicking on it from inside the Engagement Program > and then select the Form
  • Respond to the Form and click Complete. Be sure to fill out all required fields or the form will not send.

Helpful Tip: You may fill out the form directly from the link in the email.


Downloading Form Results

You may download forms from multiple different places, including engagements, resources, and reports.

Engagement Downloads

  • From inside the Engagement click the eyeball icon inside your Form.
  • You may click Download Responses as a CSV file to download responses.



Resource Downloads

  • From inside your Resources page select the Form with Responses
  • You may click on the Responses tab inside the form to view the Responses. Use the Download icon to download the Form results.



Report Downloads

  • From inside your Reports page choose Form Submissions from the Report Type dropdown menu.
  • When the Report loads you may click the Download icon to download the Form results.


For more information read our article about Reports that are Generated from Engagements.



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