Change Your Email Address

Your Admin added your first/last name and email when they created your account. If you want to edit this and your other profile information you can in your personal settings.

  • From your Personal Settings click on General.
  • From the General tab you can update the username, email, phone number, gender, language, and timezone for their account.
  • Type in a new email address and click Save.

Reset Your Password

It is recommended by CoachLogix that you reset your password as frequently as you need to.

Changing your password can ensure the security and privacy of your company's intellectual property, financial information, and keep the confidentiality of engagement goals and forms.

  • To reset a password click Reset Password on the login screen.
  • Click Send Email.
  • From inside the email click Reset Password and set your new password.
  • Your password must include 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, a number, and must have at least 8 characters.

Need help logging out? For more information read our article about Logging Out.

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