Welcome to CoachLogix! Your admin will send you an invite to activate your account with a link in your personal email browser.

Activate Your Account

Log in to CoachLogix to send your coach messages, schedule sessions, access resources, track goal progress, and make payments.

When an invite has been sent, you will receive an email with an activation link.

  • From your email click the link to create a password.
  • Once the password is set log in with the same email and password to activate the account.

Helpful tip: Remember to log into the app with the email address it was registered with.

Schedule Sessions

If a coach has shared their availability, button to schedule sessions will be visible on the engagement dashboard. Both the you and your coach will receive confirmation emails and app notifications.

  • From your Engagement Dashboard under Schedule your next session, click the Schedule Session button.
  • Select time and date, and click Schedule.

Helpful tip: If the coach has not shared their availability the admin or the coach must schedule the session.

To learn more read our article about Scheduling with Your Coach.

Fill out Forms

If a coach sends you a form, you can fill it out from the link in their email or from within the engagement program. When the coach sends you a form they will receive an email reminder if they have the notifications enabled and an app notification.

  • From your Engagements page Select the Engagement with the sent Form.
  • Click on Respond, fill out the Form, and click Complete.
  • To respond via email click on the link in the email.

Helpful tip: If you respond by email it will show as responded to inside the app.

For more information read our article about Responding to Forms.

Mark Tasks Complete

If a coach assigns tasks, you will receive reminder notification emails to mark tasks complete inside your CoachLogix account.

  • Click on a Task within the program.
  • If Tasks are assigned to you, complete them by clicking the Complete button.

View Files

A coach may share files with you from the engagement program, OR they may be stored under the engagement resources tab. If you receive an email notification, you can log in to CoachLogix to view, download or mark the file complete.

  • From your Engagement Program click on the File.

You have the option to preview the file, download the file, or leave a comment on the file.

View Resources

The engagement resources page is a place to collect files needed for the progress of the engagement. You, your coach, and the admin may add engagement resources.

  • From inside your Engagement click on the Resources tab.
  • Coachees and their Coaches can upload files that are specific to that Engagement.

Add Goals

You and your coach can add goals to your engagements to track progress. Add milestones beneath each high level goal and mark them complete to track progress.

  • From inside your Engagement click on the Goals tab.
  • Admin, Coaches, AND Coachees can add Goals.
  • Click on ADD GOAL to add a new Goal.
  • Add milestones, comments, stakeholders, and request feedback.

Goal Confidentiality

You may choose to set the goals you create to be confidential or also visible to admins. You may only control the confidentiality of a goal that you have created.

  • Click on the Lock icon at the top right of the Goal.
  • Select Confidential to make the Goal private.

Provide Goal Feedback

Inside the goals panel is the progress of the goal and the option for users, associated with the engagement, to provide feedback on the goal. Add stakeholders and send invitations for others to provide feedback from their email.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Goal.
  • Click on Provide Feedback to add your feedback.

Each stakeholder's avatar and most recent goal rating and narrative comments will be listed here.

Access the Messaging Center

Send messages through the messaging center to quickly to get in contact with an admin or coach.

  • Click on the message icon in the top right corner and select Open Messaging Center.
  • Choose a message or create a new one.
  • Start typing a message and click the airplane icon to send.

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