Configuring Account Types

There are three different account configurations that can be set.

  • Coaching Companies
  • Independent Coaches
  • Client Companies
  • Enterprises
  • Client Coachees
  • Coaching Management System

Admins may create accounts with configuration settings that allows them to connect with their internal employees and receive coaching services from external vendors and coaches.

You may alternatively choose not to select the configurations to use CoachLogix as an internal management system; just to track engagement data.

Helpful Tip: Enterprise accounts may be created by emailing our team at [email protected].


When an admin creates an account the system will ask to specify whether or not the account sells coaching services or not. This will configure the account type upon activating the company account.

When you create your account you will be prompted to specify whether your company includes coaching or client services.

The accounts may include these connections:

  • Employed Internal Coaches
  • Contracted External Coaches
  • Companies that Sell Coaching Services.

If an admin chooses to change the account configuration, it can be done so from the company settings page.

  • From your Company Settings page click on the General category.
  • Select Account Configuration.

Account configuration allows admins to specify what services their company offers. Admins can specify whether their company employs Internal coaches, contracts external coaches, or sells coaching services.

Advanced Tip: If you deselect each checkbox you can use CoachLogix as a coaching management system to track Engagement data, Reporting, and Payments.

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