Customizing Email Templates

Email templates can be customized in your company settings page. You can customize your company accounts by adding your branding. Branding will appear throughout the app and can show in your email.

  • From your Company Setting select the Branding tab.

From here you may choose to add your branding or you may skip to editing the email notifications you and your employees will receive.


The notifications panel allows control of account notifications that can be set globally or individually.

Global notifications control whether the app will receive notifications across all accounts via app notifications and email.

Email notifications can be set here so that all engagement notifications will follow to the defaulted settings.

The Email Notifications panel is where you can set your company's signature and social media for email notifications.

Upgrade Your Subscription

Upgrading your account subscription will unlock account branding features. You will have access to the Full Logo feature and Branded Email Notification feature.

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