About Using Stripe

Vendors and independent coaches commonly need to bill client companies for completed engagements and sessions.

Please Note: To activate stripe in an account go to the Company Settings > General > Account Configuration and make sure the account is set to sells coaching services.

Don't have a Stripe account yet? Create one for free at Stripe.com. Follow the steps below to connect a Stripe account to CoachLogix.

How to Integrate with Stripe

Once connected to Stripe, there is an option to add a credit card payment link to Invoices and email notifications sent to your clients.

  • From your Account Settings click the Invoicing and Payments tab
  • Click Connect to Stripe and follow the steps to connect.

Sending an Invoice

As sessions are completed you may bill your clients from the invoices page.

  • From the Invoices page click Create Invoice.
  • The completed Sessions will appear in the window. Choose the Session you wish to bill.
  • This will take you to the Invoice editor where you can review and edit the invoice before sending it.
  • When it is ready click Send.

Clients will receive an email notification with an attached PDF of the invoice. They can make payments from a link in their email without logging into the CoachLogix app, or if they log in they will see a link to provide payment info inside their CoachLogix account. If payment is collected via Stripe it will automatically mark the invoice as paid in the vendor's account and the vendor will receive a notification email that payment has been made.

Transaction Fees

The Stripe transaction fee is a standard 2.9% + 30ยข credit card processing fee. CoachLogix adds an additional transaction depending on your subscription plan.

Pro Plan = 1% per transaction.

Standard Plan = 3% per transaction.

Free Plan = 5% per transaction.

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