We've been hard at work updating your CoachLogix account with a fresh new look and feel. All our same features will still be available, but with some enhancements too. We strive to present more functionality to enable you to customize features according to your personal needs. A simplified interface, with greater functionality.

Customizable Dashboards

Personalize your dashboard for a snapshot of the data that matters to you most.

To learn more read our article about Dashboards

Engagement Overviews

Your engagements now have a dashboard of their own, giving you an overview of progress and summarizing everything relevant to the engagement. Click icons in the upper right corner instead of the old tabbed design. This approach saves precious space on the screen for important information about your coaching engagement and provides a sleeker look to boot.

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Advanced Report Filters

Dive deeper in to your data with new advance custom report filters. Select from multiple filters. Each report has a different set of filters.

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A New Way to Organize Your Notes

Notes have been reorganized; now listed at the bottom of each session detail card. You’ll also find a new notes folder under your engagement resources, replacing the Engagement Notes tab.

To learn more read our article about Engagement Notes.

Resource Improvements

Share resources with specific permissions from your global resources and from engagement resources. Share with groups of people at a time. Plus we now support some new types of resources - including CoachLogix Docs. Collaborate with others as you share documents with different editing permissions.

To learn more read our article about Resources.

Improved Coachee Experience

Your client coachees have an all new and improved user experience from end to end. From clean coach matching workflows down to the details of their engagement. The coachee experience is beautiful and easy to navigate. Coachees can select their coach and schedule or request sessions with ease. Watch the video below for the full experience.

To learn more read our article about Getting Started for Coachees.

Customer Centric Design

At CoachLogix, we keep our users top of mind. During each stage of design, development, and testing, we always ask how the changes we're making will impact our customers and their clients too. Our goal is to support your goals - management and scale of your coaching practice - to the best of our ability. We continuously collect user feedback and feature requests and use such feedback to inform customer centric, user driven product development.

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