Inactive clients tracked as Internal Records (as opposed to active clients that log in to their CoachLogix portals) can receive notifications directly to their email that admins or coaches intentionally send from an engagement to include:

  • Scheduled and Rescheduled Sessions
  • Forms
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Links

Within each program type, you can select the bell icon to send a notification to your client. You can customize the subject line and message contents which would be sent as an email to your client. You can also enable reminders which will send an email to your client reminding them of an upcoming session, any forms that are due, files to review, and tasks that need to be completed. There is also an option to add attachments (up to 40MB file size).

Scheduled and Rescheduled Sessions

You can set up reminders for your inactive clients on any upcoming or rescheduled sessions by hitting the bell icon. This notification will be sent as an email.

You may also select Preview Email at the bottom left corner to see what your inactive client will see upon opening their email.

Forms, Files, Tasks and Links

Setting up email notifications for forms, files, tasks and links will provide you options to automatically send after previous program items are complete, and also enable reminders for your clients if they have yet to complete a task.

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