Once you have completed making your Independent Coach account, you may learn how to set up your Personal Settings, Make Templates, Add Clients, and start using Engagements.

Personal Settings

  • You can manage My Settings via the menu in the upper right corner to update Profile information, Timezone defaults, and Notifications.
  • As an Independent Coach, this is also where you can view/edit your Coach Profile.

For more information read our article about Personal Settings.

Program Templates

Admins can create a new program template or duplicate a current one.

  • From your Account Settings click on Program Templates.
  • Click Create New.
  • Enter a Name and optionally select a Program to copy, then click Save.

For more information read our article about Program Templates.

Adding Clients

You may add personal clients or client companies.

  • If coaching several people at one Company, add the Company first, then add Coachees.
  • If coaching an individual, choose to add an individual client.

For more information read our article about Inviting Clients.

Create Engagements

Engagements are where your coaches and coachees can set up meetings and complete program items that you can assign to them.

  • Go to the Engagements page and click the Create button.
  • Search and select the Coachee and the Coach and click save.
  • Click Start Engagement. The Engagement is Active and ready to use.

Helpful Tip: The engagement is in a draft state until the admin clicks Start Engagement.

For more information read our article about Creating Engagements.

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