Creating a New Account

Welcome to CoachLogix! Follow the steps below to create a FREE account. 

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Sign up for an account at OR be invited to create an account by a CoachLogix user.  Users may also sign up using Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook.


Signing Up

Here are 6 steps to sign up for a CoachLogix Account

  1. Click on the signup link and fill in your Email Address and Set a Password.
  2. Fill in your information including your Name and Title
  3. Configure your Company Account type: Coach or Business.
  4. Fill in the Point of Contact information for who will be the Admin on the account. 
  5. Click Next and fill in the Company Name and choose whether you Employ Internal Coaches, Contract External Coaches, or Sell Coaching Services.
  6. After Configuring the account click Finish.

The account will then load to the Admin Dashboard.

Helpful Tip: Another way to create an account is to have a CoachLogix user invite you via email. You will receive an invite where you can create your password.

Advanced Tip: If the user does not receive an activation email please have them check their spam folders. Admins can resend invitations to users from the new user's profile page under the dropdown menu under the three dots. Admins can resend an invite to your users 24 hours after you send the initial invite. To learn more about resending invites click here.

Either way when you sign up you will receive an email with a link to create a password. Follow the link and create a password. You may be asked to enter your company name as well.

Log in with the SAME email address and password.

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